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Defensics extends fuzzing capabilities for IoT markets

Andy Pan

Sep 20, 2023 / 1 min read

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming ubiquitous, with billions deployed in the world. And threat actors are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in them because, unlike traditional IT devices, once IoT devices with fixed firmware are deployed, it is often impossible to fix problems. That’s why it is critical to thoroughly test the security and resilience of IoT devices before deployment, using the same methods that hackers use.

The Synopsys Software Integrity Group and testing experts Keysight established a technology partnership in August 2023. In it, Keysight will embed the Synopsys Defensics® fuzzing tool into its IoT Security Assessment solution.

This security assessment solution provides comprehensive IoT security, validating virtually any connected device against a broad range of known and unknown attacks, and ensuring cybersecurity compliance before the device leaves the development or test lab. Keysight is providing cybersecurity test platforms while running Defensics as an integrated network and protocol fuzzing solution within its platforms. Customers will receive robust assessment reports that provide complete visibility into IoT security risks, including risk scores, CVSS scores, and vectors, as well as remediation recommendations to fix any vulnerabilities.

This security assessment is geared toward the IoT market, and the Defensics integration will extend Keysight’s capabilities in key verticals such as automotive, medical, and industrial.

The partnership does not include any professional or managed services.

“With billions of IoT devices in use and more on the way, security testing is more critical than ever to address new threats and evolving regulations. Our collaboration with Keysight will provide a comprehensive solution for customers that combines hardware and Defensics fuzz testing software to conduct automated IoT security testing,” said Scott Johnson, vice president of product management at Synopsys.

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