Verification Videos

Comprehensive Solution for Reset Domain Crossing Analysis and Signoff (Part 2)

Part 1 of this webinar series covered the reset domain crossing problem, how it manifests in designs, gaps in the verification methodology, and finally a brief introduction of Synopsys' state-of-the-art solution for RDC verification. To catch and efficiently debug the RDC problem, a new RDC flow is required.

Part 2 focuses on Synopsys' next-generation solution to catch and debug RDC problems and detail Synopsys' flow for RDC verification. This webinar will focus on ways to catch and debug Reset Domain Crossing issues very efficiently and share example scripts for RDC checks. We will also demonstrate some of Synopsys' RDC unique capabilities such as any depth sequential analysis and efficient debugging of thousands of RDC paths on a real design. This webinar will enable you to jump start RDC analysis in your methodology quickly and efficiently.

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