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Podcast: The current state of DevOps

Synopsys Editorial Team

Jun 25, 2023 / 1 min read

Synopsys' Software Integrity Group (SIG), a global leader in Application Security, presents the 'Building Security In - The Next Decade' podcast. Hosted by SIG's own Drew Kilbourne, a Managing Director & Sammy Migues, an AppSec visionary, the podcast taps into the advice of industry leaders and AppSec experts, discussing everything from Cybersecurity advancements to challenges and solutions for the future of AppSec.

Episode 1 summary

In episode 1 of the "Building Security In - The Next Decade' podcast, we discuss with Jim Routh how we arrived at the current state of 'DevOps' and 'cloud-first', with considerations of how work-from-home functioned as an accelerant. We explore how distinct parts of organizations can function at increased speeds and how, going forward, there’ll be a more level playing field for building software and moving the organization toward greater resilience—and how AI and other instrumentation could help. Other topics include shared responsibility models as part of being successful in software security, and why authentication in the development process and cloud, encryption, secrets management, and more is now a significant part of software security. We also talk about how AI is becoming part of the software development and security process. Finally, hear about Routh’s experience of moving from the CISO to the CSO role.

Guest biography

Jim Routh has been a driver of cybersecurity and application security improvement for over 25 years. While serving in CISO and CSO roles, he’s widely credited with creating organizational risk management structures and security capabilities at organizations including American Express, DTCC, JPMorgan Chase, Aetna, CVS Health, and MassMutual. Routh also served on the boards of both health and financial services information sharing and analysis centers. Over the years, his contributions have earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Santa Fe Group; he was selected to the CSO Hall of Fame, and he was twice named Information Security Executive of the Year. Today, Routh continues his work in digital transformation and innovation in cybersecurity practices with an eye toward enterprise resilience. In addition to serving on four corporate boards, he actively works with other boards and executives on aligning business strategy with internal transformation efforts and with changes in the consumer marketplace.

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