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Building Security In Podcast: New strategies for managing risk

Synopsys Editorial Team

Aug 22, 2023 / 1 min read

Episode 3: New strategies for managing risk

Recent history has seen large changes in client expectations, executive views of investment required, and how security programs have matured. This is driven in part by increased client awareness and by evolving attacker methods. Zero trust methods are coming into play in how organizations are responding to some risks, as are “behavioral biometrics” that set a baseline for better authentication. Managing security, including in DevSecOps, means also managing friction, which can actually help speed up some processes. Going forward, organizations need to consider innovative approaches—such as password-less access—and managing legacy environments. What are the big rocks that need to be rolled over to make real progress? Progressing from a BISO role to a CISO to a CSO has introduced evolving challenges in protecting what exists, but also enabling the future in a safe way.

We discuss how the worlds are converging and what it means for an organization.

Guest biography

Keith is the Chief Security Officer for CIBC—the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce—with responsibility over a broad range of areas that include Cyber Security, Fraud, Physical Security, Technology Risk Management, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery/Crisis Management, as well as Business & Technology Architecture, Enterprise Data, and Analytics and AI. In his previous role, he was the CISO for Ally Financial and before that Keith worked at Bank of America in Global Information Security where he held roles as a Business Information Security Officer as well as in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Customer Protection. He also held roles at BofA focused on technology risk, security, and fraud, as well as authentication, security strategies, and product development. His teams led the effort to define and build the enterprise standards for application security and for vulnerability management and compliance, resulting in the bank's Enterprise Cyber Security strategy. Keith graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Mathematics.

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