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Black Duck SCA vs. Black Duck Audit Services

Steven Power

Apr 13, 2023 / 2 min read

Today, there is an increasing number of software security tools and testing solutions available with a range of capabilities, including software composition analysis (SCA), for managing open source risks. This blog is intended to help you identify the key differences between our Black Duck® SCA tool and Black Duck Audit Services, and determine which solution best suits your needs.

Black Duck software composition analysis

Open source code forms the groundwork of applications built by organizations globally. So if there is not an efficient strategy to manage and track open source usage, organizations expose themselves to security, quality, and license compliance risks. Our 8th annual “Open Source Security and Risk Analysis” (OSSRA) report provides detailed insight into the current state of open source usage. For example, we that found that 84% of applications contained at least one vulnerability, and almost 50% of applications contained high-risk vulnerabilities. More than half of codebases contain license conflicts where components are used in a way that is inconsistent with their licenses.

The Black Duck SCA tool is a subscription-based software solution that allows organizations to effectively manage the risks that emerge from the use of open source and third-party code. The tool’s KnowledgeBase™ includes over 6.3 million components to provide a comprehensive view into the structure of any application or container, and it can easily integrate with other tools in your software development pipeline. What’s more, the SCA solution is language-agnostic, which means it will discover open source usage regardless of what languages are used to develop your applications

Black Duck Audit Services

Managing software due diligence for merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions can be a tricky path to navigate. While frequent acquirers have an established playbook, it is important to acknowledge that every transaction is multifaceted, and strategies must adapt and evolve in line with changes to the market. Consequently, firms should reflect on how they tackle their software due diligence strategies to ensure complete visibility into how software risks can impact on the deal. In a typical tech transaction, open source and third-party content makes up a surprising 75% of code assets. And most sellers don’t have a complete and accurate picture of how much of someone else code they are using. By identifying open source content and the associated risks before the close, acquirers can protect themselves with deal terms and plan for remediation work required after the close.

For the better part of two decades, Black Duck audits have been the most trusted open source diligence solution for M&A transactions and internal compliance. Our Black Duck Audit team is engaged in hundreds of M&A transactions each year, and we identify risks in virtually every transaction. Not only do our domain experts (armed with world-class tools) assess risks associated with open source and third-party code, but we also dig into security vulnerabilities, architecture flaws, code quality, and deficiencies in the software development process. Whether you are acquiring or being acquired, you need an audit partner that can provide fast, trusted, and comprehensive software audits to mitigate these risks, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Do you need a tool or an audit?

The following table summarizes the key differences between Black Duck SCA and Black Duck Audit Services, to help you identify the best solution to fit your needs.

Black Duck SCA

Black Duck Audit Services

A subscription-based tool implemented in your own development pipeline

A “per-engagement” solution that’s typically used in M&A transactions

Continuously monitors internal security and license compliance risks

A speedy, one-time snapshot of open source, security, and quality risks

Continuously assesses the software risks in your own software

Assesses the software risks in your acquisition target’s software or your own

Next steps

As a recognized leader in software security and quality, our mission is to help you build secure, high-quality software now and for years to come. Our dedicated teams are always happy to help, discuss your needs, and address any questions.

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