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The tech talent challenge: Recruiting in software security

Recruiting for a leading software security consulting firm poses tech talent challenges that even top recruiters find overwhelming. How do you find a population of individuals who, by profession, don’t want to be found? How can you earn trust with people who make a living trusting no one? How can you recruit from a talent pool that doesn’t require resumes because there is such a high demand for qualified people?

A shortage of skilled workers is a challenge many industries are facing. There are great jobs at great companies, but recruiters are facing a lack of the right skill-focused fit.

How do we shift the mainstream approach?

(i.e. job boards and LinkedIn InMails)

Although these tools (particularly LinkedIn) can be an effective way to find people, they are not effective in leading someone away from their current job.

Many hold steadfast to the theory of building relationships and excellence in customer service. Recruiters supporting hard-to-fill roles must steer clear of hard sales pitches and move towards a career advisor model. In essence, the soft sell is crucial. A smart recruiter has finesse but also shows respect to potential candidates. They follow-up, touch base and stay on top of industry trends. We cannot simply say “Hi, my name is Nina and I have a great opportunity for you.” This comes off to the talent as spam and is a complete turn-off. Remember that you are not only trying to hire the best in the field but you are also representing the brand of your organization.

The discussion of ‘building a pipeline’ has become cliché and it sounds ridiculous when you are busy chasing talent with the skills to fill a given role. The reality is that by tending to this pipeline, you are filling tomorrow’s open requisitions.

What can we do to keep leads warm?

Share industry-related articles on LinkedIn groups or make good use of your Twitter account. Send emails touching base or share your company newsletter. Remember that the more potential employees learn about your organization, the more likely they will be to consider an interview when the time is right. Invite these talented hopefuls to meet with you or one of your company leaders at an industry event or conference. Ask them for referrals.  If you notice that they are connected to one of your current candidates, ask the current candidate what they know about the person. Invest time talking to your organization’s staff to learn more about what they do and encourage them to refer people out of their network.

All too often, we get caught up in reactive recruiting which does nothing but elevate your blood pressure. Ditch the reactive approach and learn from great recruiters who build and maintain relationships. Provide seamless customer service and create trust with talent whom you and your recruiting team feel would make a great addition to the organization.

In the battleground for talent, how will your organization stay ahead?

Are you ready to impact everything, everywhere, everyday?
Nina Avery

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Nina Avery

Nina Avery

Nina Avery is a talent acquisition manager at Synopsys. She brings a wealth of experience to the organization having hired technical talent across multiple industries for over a decade. Nina brings a passion for business, strategic process improvement, analytics, and customer service to the organization. She oversees an international team of professionals who believe in the value of software security and are committed to ensuring that Synopsys continues to hire the best in class. Nina holds a master’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook, is a mother of two, and in her spare time can be found at the gym or yoga studio.

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