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Open Source Security Research Group gets a new office

Synopsys performs open source security research and vulnerability analysis through our Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC), including a new Belfast office.

Open Source Security Research Group gets a new office

Synopsys is well-known for our software integrity portfolio: integrated testing tools, security testing services, professional services, and developer education. But products, services, and training aren’t all we offer. We also perform hundreds of open source audits every year. And all that audit data fuels the open source security research and vulnerability analysis we perform through our Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC). CyRC encompasses research teams in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Burlington, Massachusetts; and Vancouver, Canada. And it’s clear the need for cutting-edge security research and analysis is growing. In fact, we just opened a new office in Belfast to accommodate our expanding team there.

The Open Source Security Research Group

The new Belfast office houses the Open Source Security Research Group; this group focuses their research on open source security issues and attack patterns. Christopher Fearon, head of the group, said, “As our team continues to expand in Northern Ireland, so too does our strategic vision. The team’s innovation and research efforts continue to provide valuable industry insights. More importantly, in coordination with the broader research and development efforts within the Synopsys Software Integrity Group, we’re driving positive change in the industry as we consistently and relentlessly work to improve the global state of software security.”

Open Source Security Research Group gets a new office

We inaugurated the new office Thursday, Sept. 13, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. In attendance were senior management from Synopsys Software Integrity Group and Invest Northern Ireland CEO Alastair Hamilton, who expressed his continued support for the Synopsys Belfast expansion efforts and economic developments within the region. “As part of Synopsys, Black Duck goes from strength to strength and we are delighted that the company’s growth and development in Belfast is progressing as planned,” he said. “Northern Ireland is enjoying a growing international reputation as a region of expertise and knowledge in cyber security and the Black Duck by Synopsys team is making a valuable contribution to this cluster.”

“The successful opening ceremony marks an important milestone for the Belfast group,” said Fearon. “Our rapid growth and tremendous achievements to date are testament to the hard work, dedication, and motivation of the entire team. … We are grateful for [Invest Northern Ireland’s] continued support.”

About CyRC

Open source development and adoption continues to accelerate because of the compelling economic and productivity benefits open source provides. CyRC’s cutting-edge research, innovation, information, and education in open source helps ensure a vibrant open source ecosystem. Working closely with the open source community, our CyRC groups’ research reports and recommendations keep the pulse on open source’s rapid growth and development into new areas. Their research analyses also power our KnowledgeBase™, the industry’s most comprehensive database of open source project, license, and security information, covering more than 530 billion lines of open source code from over 9,000 forges and repositories.

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