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What and who are the Open Source Rookies of the Year?

What and who are the Open Source Rookies of the Year?

We’re delighted to continue the decade-long tradition established by Black Duck of recognizing outstanding projects in the open source community that were created over the last year. These are the 10th Annual Open Source Rookies of the Year awards, recognizing the top new open source projects initiated in 2017.

Last year we saw a focus on key topics, prompting us to name honorable mentions and winners in each. This year’s Open Source Rookies projects were wide-ranging, investing the open source community’s efforts in autonomous driving, scalable blockchain, virtual network functions (VNF) orchestration, personal security, and even (yes) relationship management.

This year’s Open Source Rookies honorees are breaking down barriers of innovation and community engagement to influence the future. Once again, we’re impressed by the teams, their partners, their supporters, and the communities that have built amazing open source projects this year. We expect them all to achieve remarkable things.

“Black Duck [now Synopsys] has recognized some of the most innovative open source projects over the past 10 years,” said Patrick Carey, director of product marketing at Synopsys, who heads the annual Rookies selection process. “We’ve seen honorees like Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Bootstrap, NuGet, and OpenStack evolve to become some of the most influential open source projects in the market. We expect this year’s Rookies to be no exception.”

Join us on March 22 to discuss this year’s Rookies and how the team at Synopsys selected them. We’re also welcoming a couple of former Rookies to talk about their projects and how they’ve evolved over time.

Webinar: Open Source Projects That Break Boundaries

Synopsys has an on-demand webinar—“Open Source Projects That Break Boundaries”—exploring the origins and evolution of this year’s outstanding Open Source Rookies.

First, let’s take a quick look at the two winners joining us for this webinar, Learning Equality’s Kolibri and Rocket.Chat.

Learning Equality—Kolibri

Learning Equality set out to revolutionize education for low-resource communities around the globe with its Open Source Rookies winner Kolibri. Kolibri’s goal is to make learning resources available to students and teachers in areas with limited education resources, from rural schools and after-school programs to refugee camps and orphanages. It’s hard to imagine a more valuable goal than that!

Last year we absolutely loved this project, and we’re excited to have the Kolibri team join us this year to provide an overview of the Kolibri project, its origins, and its evolution over the past year. They’ll also share what’s happened since Kolibri was recognized as a Rookie of the Year, an update on their new technology, new markets, new sponsors—everything that’s changed since they shared their story last year. We’re also hoping that they’ll explain the role the community has played in their growth since then. Finally, we’re really excited to hear about their plans as they bring learning resources to needful communities worldwide.


We’re also happy to have Rocket.Chat founder Gabriel Engel join us. Rocket.Chat is an open source web chat platform built for communities and companies that want to host their own chat services privately. It offers features intended to make real-time communications work for each business—from simple messaging and emoji support to face-to-face video conferencing, multiuser audio conferences, screen sharing, and more. Last year we caught up with Gabriel Engel to discuss how the company had grown and changed, and we’re pleased that he’ll be able to join us this year to share his news 2 years after becoming an Open Source Rookie.

At Synopsys, we work with the community and organizations to understand how the open source community is thinking about technology and the future. As part of that process, we view our connection to the open source community as a key component to understanding both where the development community is and where the open source community is moving next. Our Open Source Rookies exemplify some impressive developments. Please join us (or watch the webinar on demand) to learn what makes an Open Source Rookies winner.

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