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Container adoption by the numbers

Container adoption by the numbers
As application development teams are pressured to deliver software faster than ever, containers offer clear advantages. Docker debuted to the public in 2013, and since then there have been over 29 billion Docker container downloads.

Benefits of containerization

  • 66% of organizations adopting containers experienced accelerated developer efficiency
  • 75% of companies achieved an increase in application deployment speed

Savings from containerization

  • 70% of developer/testing costs have been saved by organizations
  • 50% of production environment costs (on average) have been saved

Container deployment

  • 73% of companies have a more consistent deployment process
  • 50%–70% of container users now use them to deploy applications in production
  • 82% expect to have more than 100 containers deployed within the next 2 years

Container security concerns

  • 35%–45% consider security a primary concern for containerizing production environments
  • 80% think they can improve their approach to container security
  • 53% believe detecting vulnerabilities in container images is a top concern

The benefits of continuous delivery and containers are clear, but ensuring the security of applications delivered to production environments is the next hurdle to overcome as containers go mainstream.

Black Duck OpsSight enables IT Operations teams to scan and monitor open source risk of containers in the production environment. OpsSight automatically scans containers and identified open source security vulnerabilities as they are utilized—ensuring a security review process that scales to any containerized environment.

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