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Introducing the Black Duck Jira Cloud integration

The Black Duck Jira Cloud integration is based on a flexible, customizable model, backed by the same exemplary Black Duck software composition product.

Introducing the Black Duck Jira Cloud integration

Say the word “agile” to anyone working in software, and almost immediately you’ll see a nod of recognition. Agile, once dwarfed by waterfall and similar methodologies, is now firmly entrenched in many companies as the only way to ensure their software development life cycles move quickly in responding to market needs. So it’s unsurprising to see makers of agile tools reinventing them to be more flexible and customizable than ever before.

Agile has now exerted so much influence on the software development world that a significant number of managers now use the agile tracking method of task completion as a key metric in measuring developers’ job performance. And as the practice continues to evolve, even long-standing tools like Jira Server have become too cumbersome for teams looking for the most flexible, customizable system that gives them the greatest autonomy. With this in mind, Atlassian’s switch to the cloud, which provides teams more autonomy, led to the natural evolution of the Black Duck Jira integration to focus on a model that is flexible, customizable, and backed by the same exemplary Black Duck product.

About the Black Duck Jira Cloud integration

The new Black Duck Jira Cloud integration offers complete flexibility for its users. Customers can create their own fully customizable workflows, issue types, notification preferences, and project mappings.

Black Duck Jira Cloud integration

Many Black Duck customers have expressed that their regular use of Jira has led to an increased need to customize workflows within Jira at a far more granular level, whether per project, per team, per department, or even per issue type. One of the key benefits of the Jira Cloud integration is that users can dictate these processes entirely, and processes can vary by project or issue type. Multiple workflows can support different issue types, and different teams can have different Jira statuses to track the resolution of a ticket. Therefore, this fully customizable integration can scale effortlessly for customers as they expand their businesses and increase complexity across their various departments.

The time between the discovery of a vulnerability in a component and its exploitation has decreased significantly in recent years. Consequently, businesses ranging from small and adaptable to large and complex need to adapt quickly to any potential security risks they uncover. With the addition of the Jira Cloud integration to Black Duck, any company can streamline their bug-tracking processes in a way that suits them while quickly adapting to market needs.

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Sydney Boncoddo

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Sydney Boncoddo

Sydney Boncoddo

Sydney Boncoddo has been a product management professional for the past seven years after transitioning from account management and sales. At Synopsys, Sydney focuses on integrations for third-party notification and workflow systems to track and remediate open source vulnerabilities. She is passionate about streamlining complexity and workflow management in the world of software security. She has an MBA from Manchester Business School in the U.K. When she’s not at work, she stage-manages for local theaters, travels, and spends time with her family.

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