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Steve Cohen is a product marketing manager within the Synopsys Software Integrity Group. He focuses on the Cloud and CI/CD services. Steve has extensive experience in product marketing and product management. He specializes in software security, cloud, storage management, and systems products.

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Automation: One of the keys to DevSecOps

The benefits of automation in DevSecOps are clear: streamlined, collaborative development, security, and operation. But how do you go about doing it?

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Posted in Agile, CI/CD & DevOps, Software Security Program


How RASP complements application security testing to minimize risk

Should you replace any of your application security testing tools with a RASP solution? RASP should complement, rather than replace, your testing strategy.

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Posted in Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Web Application Security


The what, why, and who of runtime application self-protection (RASP)

What is runtime application self-protection?According to Gartner, runtime application self-protection is “a security technology that is built on or linked into an application runtime environment, and is capable of controlling application execution, and detecting and preventing real-time attacks.”

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Posted in Web Application Security


7 things to consider when transitioning your applications to the cloud

Here are 7 key considerations to securely transition your apps to the cloud: cloud configuration, IAM, microservices, automation, microsegmentation, APIs, and DevSecOps. Written in coordination with Ugochukwu Enyioha.

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Posted in Agile, CI/CD & DevOps, Cloud Security