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Ed Tice is a sales engineer at Synopsys. While he's a bit of a jack of all trades, his primary areas of expertise involve helping customers understand the mechanics of running static analysis, dynamic analysis, fuzzing, and test prioritization security tools.

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Why dependencies matter for SAST

How do static analyzers manage code dependencies? There are many ways, but the best static analyzers take a hybrid approach to dependency analysis.

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Posted in Developer Enablement, Static Analysis (SAST)


Remediating XSS: Does a single fix work?

Remediating XSS (cross-site scripting, or HTML injection) is difficult without understanding validation, sanitization, and normalization/canonicalization.

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Posted in Web Application Security


How is static analysis a productivity tool for engineering teams?

The earliest accessible verification activity is static analysis. Learn why Coverity static analysis is the top productivity tool for engineering teams.

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