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Dan Lyon is a principal consultant at Synopsys. As the Embedded Security practice lead, he provides unique security solutions on many different critical systems in a variety of industries, including automotive, government identity, financial, industrial control, medical device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare. Dan has contributed to AAMI’s Medical Device Security working group, IEEE’s Building Code for Medical Device Software Security, and the Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security. Dan holds BA degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Luther College, five active certifications through GIAC, and frequently contributes to articles on Internet of Things security.

Posts by Dan Lyon:


IoT security outlook: The keyless ignition theft trend

I recently broke the key fob for my car. It was just one of those days. I was late for work. It was raining. The kids were dashing ahead trying to cross the street through busy traffic. I was carrying too many things and ended up dropping my keys. Before I realized they’d fallen, I stepped on the fob and crushed it, rendering it useless. Without a working fob, I had to go old school and use the actual key.

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Medical app users: How safe is your personal information?

I recently attended the MobCon Digital Health conference in downtown Minneapolis, which highlighted the healthcare hot topic: mobile digital health. The sessions I attended ranged from FDA representative Bakul Patel’s on FDA’s classification of mobile apps to PhysIQ and the Mayo Clinic’s combined talk about remote care platform opportunities and challenges.

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Medical device security: Building it in or bolting it on?

Making connected healthcare devices safer requires building security into medical devices during development, not bolting it on later or relying on patches.

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