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Synopsys’ FPGA design solution is a comprehensive suite of FPGA implementation and debug tools that deliver the industry’s best quality of results for both timing performance and area optimization. Fast synthesis algorithms, along with multi-processing, hierarchical and incremental design technologies, deliver the accelerated timing closure and time-to-market that is required for today’s complex FPGA designs.  Integrated debug technology allows designers to work directly in their RTL code making it much more productive and intuitive than the typical method of debugging synthesized gates.  As soft errors such as Single Event Upsets (SEUs) resulting from atmospheric radiation have become more common at ground level, applications involving human safety increasingly require SEU mitigation techniques. Synopsys has automated technologies to both detect and correct such soft errors in FPGAs. Synopsys FPGA solution is technology and vendor independent, allowing designers to quickly retarget from one FPGA vendor device to another from a common, easy to use, environment.

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PDFHigh-Reliability Brochure

  • Design Tools

Synplify Pro
Logic Synthesis for FPGA Implementation

Synplify Premier
Fast implementation of advanced FPGAs and FPGA-based prototyping

  • FPGA Debug Tools
  • Integrated RTL debug and visibility enhancement 

Identify RTL Debugger
Simulator-like visibility into FPGA hardware operation

High-performance ASIC Prototyping System™

Multi-FPGA implementation and partitioning

Synplify Premier
FPGA synthesis for ASIC prototyping

Integrated RTL debug & visibility

Synphony C Compiler
High-level synthesis to accelerate design of image processing IP

Synphony Model Compiler
Faster, More Efficient ASIC & FPGA HW Development for DSP Algorithms

  • Simulation
  • High-performance functional verification 

High-performance simulation

Static design and coding guideline checker

VCS Verification Library
The broadest verification IP (VIP) library in the industry

  • DesignWare IP
  • The industry's most widely used, silicon-proven IP  

DesignWare IP
The industry's most widely used, silicon-proven IP

  • Mil/Aero Solutions
  • High-reliability FPGA solutions including DO254 support 

Synplify Premier
Design automation for SEU mitigation in FPGAs

DO-254 Compliance
DO-254 Solution for airborne electronics

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