Synplify Premier 

Fast Implementation of Advanced FPGA Designs and FPGA-based Prototypes 

Synplify Premier® Software, part of the Synopsys' FPGA design solution, is the industry's most productive FPGA implementation and debug environment. In addition to all of the features of the popular Synplify Pro logic synthesis software, the Synplify Premier software is a suite of tools that delivers fastest time to FPGA implementation, design debug, highly reliable design, and automation of FPGA-based prototyping.

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Synplify Premier

The Synplify Premier FPGA design tool suite includes all the features found in Synplify Pro plus the following advanced features:
  • Automation of ASIC design conversion for FPGA-based prototypes including Netlist Editor functions, Tcl scripting, Synopsys Design Constraints, gated clock conversion, DesignWare IP synthesis and compiler constraints
  • Complete Synopsys DesignWare® integration for ASIC validation using FPGA-based prototypes
  • Fast synthesis runtimes using “fast mode,” for 4X faster synthesis runtime
  • Continue-on-error mode reduces iterations required for board bring-up by identifying multiple errors in one synthesis run
  • Advanced design for high-reliability features including TMR, fault-tolerant FSM implementation and automatic inference of error correcting memories
  • Identify® RTL debugger and a waveform viewer for setting complex triggers, debugging on the board and verification of RTL to implementation equivalence
  • VCS simulator results and Identify debugger data visualization within HDL Analyst® Schematic Viewer for design diagnosis
  • Accurate timing correlation improves existing netlists for faster timing closure and congestion reduction
For a detailed comparison of the features available in each tool, see the Synplify Feature Comparison Chart.

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