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Guide to Application Security: What to Look For and Why

DevSecOps and Application Security Best Practices

Does your organization do software development in-house? If you’d like to learn more about application security but don’t know where to start, this white paper will arm you with development and security fundamentals.

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Inside you’ll find:

  • Key concepts, terminology, and why DevSecOps and cloud development matters
  • The trade-offs of different AppSec tools (e.g., SAST, DAST, IAST) and which tools are best suited for DevSecOps and which are not
  • What features heads of development and/or CISOs should look for in an AppSec tool or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform
  • More about the Synopsys Software Integrity Platform and how it uniquely addresses development and security challenges
DevSecOps and application security best practices | Synopsys