Foundations of Software Security

Course Description

Dive into the basics of software security inside the development process. This course introduces the fundamentals of software security problems, risks, and general approaches for producing better software. It also describes an approach to building software security into the development processes to help you produce better software. This course was created by the experts who literally wrote the book on software security. The approaches described here are currently being utilized by leading global companies with mature software security initiatives.

Course Themes

  • Clearly define the software security problem
  • Describe how and why software is exploited
  • Introduce and describe a set of key software security principles and concepts that can be integrated into any existing software development life cycle

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss basic security terminology comfortably when discussing your own development work
  • Confidently contribute to discussions surrounding software security principles
  • Participate in the initial strategy, formation, and role delegation of a Software Security Initiative
  • Confidently begin to contribute to your company’s overall design of a software security strategy


Delivery Format & Duration:

  1. eLearning (3/4 hour)
  2. Live virtual classroom (4 hours)

Level: Introductory

Intended Audience:

  • Developers
  • Development Managers
  • QA Engineers
  • Architects
  • Application Security Specialists

Competencies: Understanding of the software development life cycle

Prerequisites: None

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