Defending JavaScript (ILT)

Course Description

Defending JavaScript is a full-day course that addresses the questions of secure development in front-end and back-end JavaScript. It helps attendees understand generic web application risks as well as specific risks involved in manipulating JavaScript in the DOM (Document Object Model) on the client side, bypassing browser controls such as same origin policy and sandboxing, sending Ajax requests, and using client-side frameworks and libraries. 

This course also explains risks present in server-side code written in JavaScript, and covers security best practices, different types of injections, framework misconfigurations, cross-site request forgery, insecure deserialization, output encoding, and input validation.  

NOTE: Customers are requested to pre-select the client-side framework relevant to their development environment—whether Angular, AngularJS, or React—when ordering this course. Node.js and Express.js server-side frameworks are available with any client-side framework selection.


Delivery Format:  Traditional Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Duration: 8 Hours

Level: Intermediate

Intended Audience: 

  •  Developers
  •  DevSecOps
  •  Architects

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