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Application vulnerabilities are a primary target for hackers. But the complexity and pace of modern application development makes effective detection and remediation of security issues increasingly difficult. Synopsys gives teams the tools and services they need to address security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in proprietary and third-party code, in any software, at every stage of the application life cycle.

No one AppSec tool does it all

To succeed you need to take a holistic approach, integrating multiple security analysis techniques throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC). 

Software composition analysis

Detect and manage open source and  third-party component risks in development and production.

Software Composition Analysis: Detect and manage open source and third-party component risks in development and production | Synopsys

Static analysis

Find and fix security vulnerabilities and quality issues in code as it's being developed.

Static Analysis: Proprietary Code and Frameworks | Synopsys

Interactive and dynamic analysis

  • Pinpoint exploitable vulnerabilities and data protection issues in web applications.
  • Detect vulnerabilities exposed through protocols and APIs. 
IAST and DAST: detect vulnerabilities in web applications. protcols and APIs | Synopsys

Confidently tackle security from all angles

Combine multiple analysis techniques to test applications

Comprehensively test any applications

No single AppSec solution can do it all. Synopsys tools and services enable you to combine multiple analysis techniques to comprehensively test any application, service, or container.

shift application security left

Shift application security left

Your developers are the first line of defense against security weaknesses (CWEs) and vulnerabilities (CVEs). Enable them to find and fix security defects as they code with Code Sight™ IDE integration

automated SDLC

Build security into your automated SDLC

Your development processes are automated. Your security testing should be, too. Integrate and automate security testing with your existing CI, repository, and workflow tools with Synopsys DevOps integrations.

augment your team with on-demand security testing services

Augment your team with on-demand security testing services

Application security experts are hard to find. The Synopsys global team of security testing experts allows you to quickly and cost-effectively address resource gaps and priority projects.

track and manage security risks

Track and manage security risks and progress across your portfolio

When managing application security, sometimes you need to see the forest, and sometimes you need to focus on the trees. With Polaris Software Integrity Platform™ reporting, you can do both.

  • Aggregate risk scores based on static, software composition, and dynamic analysis.
  • Identify and focus on the highest-priority issues when you filter across multiple security tests.
  • Track improvements over time with developer trend reporting.

Build security into your SDLC with Synopsys

Learn how to build secure, high-quality software faster