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Although vulnerabilities may seem small on their own, when tied together in an attack path they can cause severe damage. Our Red Team models how a real-world adversary might attack a system and how that system would hold up under attack.

See how Red Teaming works.

Are you prepared for an attack?

Measure how well your people, processes, and technologies can withstand a real-life attack. Through our goal-based adversarial testing process, our red team experts seek to compromise your organization’s most valued assets with a combination of (but not limited to) application and network penetration testing, role-based social engineering, and client-side attacks.

The successful exploits of our expert Red Team

Our Red Team has performed assessments for a variety of companies, both Fortune 100 and regional businesses, spanning multiple verticals including finance, gaming, health, and Cloud. Synopsys has improved the security posture of these organizations by uncovering risks that traditional penetration tests miss. Identifying and mitigating risks significantly reduce the ability of threat agents to steal data, siphon funds, or cause other damage to their business.

Find out where to build your bunkers

After a Red Teaming exercise, Synopsys Professional Services provides strategic recommendations to address risk areas and identifies key focus areas for improvement.

We've got your back

We see it as our duty to give you the best service from beginning to end. Our experts apply an essential human element to ensure the highest level of fidelity and provide remediation guidance to your team so they can fix what we find.

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