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Integrating application security (AppSec) into your software development life cycle and DevOps pipeline is increasingly important in today’s development environment. Commonly referred to as “shifting left” or “shifting everywhere,” AppSec integration helps avoid the late-stage testing and development that can delay product releases or lead to overlooked risks being promoted into production.

True AppSec integration requires combining and connecting elements, systems, and processes to get them to work together seamlessly. It involves merging disparate components into a unified system, enabling the smooth flow of information, functionalities, and resources. Moreover, integration also means that these elements and systems fit naturally into established workflows.

The business benefits of integrating AppSec into your DevOps pipeline include the following:

  • Mitigating risks that threaten sensitive data
  • Supporting compliance requirements for security practices
  • Elevating efficiency standards during development, testing, and deployment

Download the white paper today to learn how to achieve these benefits all while defending against diverse threats, ensuring application accessibility for both internal and external applications, and overcoming DevOps pipeline complexity and variance, among other things.

Integrating AppSec to Your DevOps Pipeline

Explore how to build security into DevOps