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A Modern Approach to Application Security

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a seismic economic shift. Organizations recognized that in order to stay in business, they needed to quickly pivot almost every aspect of their business online, evolving processes and adopting new technology so that they could succeed in the “new normal.” With an increasingly remote workforce and the coming evolution to a hybrid work model, savvy leaders recognize a competitive advantage in being proactive about application security (AppSec).

At the same time, organizations need to deliver new applications and APIs more quickly than ever. Unfortunately, this “need for speed” can lead to vulnerabilities in software code that can’t be identified until the apps are in production.

A modern AppSec framework enables organizations to develop and deliver secure applications, regardless of where they are in their security or application development journey. This framework simplifies traditional models into four components.

  • Govern
  • Identify
  • Remediate
  • Prevent

With a focus on business outcomes and correlating tactics cross-functionally, this framework empowers security and development teams to create and deliver secure applications and APIs—fast. 

Download the eBook to learn more about this modern AppSec framework and how your organization can implement it.

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