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Introducing Security Champions to the DevSecOps Life Cycle

How can you inject security into Agile development? Enlist developers, of course!

Developers are familiar with their organization’s software and their organization’s development groups. They also have a deep understanding of the technical issues and challenges that the organization faces. That’s why you should recruit your developers as Security Champions.

Security Champions are developers who have a direct impact on the resiliency and security of their firm’s software. Train them in defensive programming and how to identify security defects. Empower them with responsibility for the security of the applications they work on. 

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Design a Successful Security Champions Program

This eBook will help you design a successful Security Champions program by: 

  • Identifying qualities of a successful Security Champions program
  • Establishing selection criteria for Security Champions
  • Exploring types of Security Champions programs to understand which is best for your firm
DevSecOps Lifecycle eBook