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DZone Trend Report: Enterprise Security

The Impact of DevSecOps on Application Security Risks

Based on a survey of software developers, architects, and other IT professionals conducted by DZone, this report details top application security risks and the evolving role of security in software development. Included as well are bonus sections by security experts on emerging threats and best practices for mitigating them, including supply chain security, AI in software development, and realizing the promise of DevSecOps in providing security at speed.

The result is a thorough and contemporary analysis of the state of enterprise security, both its advantages and threats.

Key objectives of the study

  • Explore the nature of new and existing application security threats
  • Understand how confident software professionals are in the security of their applications
  • Identify the motivations impacting security decisions in software development
  • Determine how early (or late) in the SDLC organizations typically introduce security measures

Key findings of the study

  • Top application security risks compared to the OWASP Top 10
  • Severity of security threats in software releases
  • Top security threats to software supply chains
  • Factors impacting security decisions within organizations
  • The role of security in the SDLC

Download the report now to understand why nearly 50% of respondents said they release code without security confidence, and how this relates to where security is first implemented in the SDLC.

Dzone Enterprise security report

Download the report now

Download the report now