Software Risk Is Business Risk

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Every business is a software business

Whether you sell software directly to your customers or rely on it to run your operations, your ability to innovate and deliver value is powered by secure, reliable software. Risk to your software means risk to your business, and it needs to be prioritized and managed proactively. Synopsys helps you align people, processes, and technology to minimize software risk and protect your bottom line while enabling digital transformation.

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Your company is only as good as your software

Speed to market is the name of the game—but so is reliability, security, and trust. All are critical to business success. Only Synopsys has everything you need to manage software risk at the speed your business demands.

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manage business risk

You’re not just securing software, you’re managing business risk

Get the visibility, focus, and control you need to protect your company’s software. With Synopsys, security teams evolve from a reactive vulnerability response to proactive application security risk management.

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build software users can trust

You’re not just building software, you’re building relationships

Get the speed, efficiency, and scale you need to keep up with DevOps and keep your digital transformation on track. Synopsys helps you increase efficiency and productivity while building software your users trust.

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secure code as fast as you write it

You’re not just writing code, you’re creating trust

Your software is increasingly important, and you have less time to deliver it. But your users need it to be fast and easy to use, as well as secure and reliable. Synopsys helps you on both ends by securing code as fast as you write it and delivering high-quality software your users trust.

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