Secure Coding Guidelines

Practical guidance for fixing and avoiding vulnerabilities

Reduce the occurrence of costly and time-wasting defects in your applications by giving your developers easy-to-follow guidelines for producing secure software and applications.

You’re unique. Shouldn’t your guidelines be?

We’ll help your developers work off their “bug piles” by supplementing the typical generic coding rules with actionable framework, library, and language-specific remediation advice. We also provide the openness and flexibility to include your own remediation guidance to better address and align with your unique security requirements.

We can provide customized guidelines for: 
  • Additional development languages/frameworks
  • Additional vulnerability types
  • Custom security frameworks
  • In-house coding standard integration 

We evolve with the changing tides

Our guidelines aggregate over 20 years of software security know-how with best-in-breed industry standard sources. And we continue to invest in internal research to ensure our content is up to date as vulnerabilities and remediation approaches evolve.

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