Coverity Static Application Security Testing (SAST) 

Find security weaknesses and quality defects in your code as it’s written

Coverity SAST—Fast, accurate, scalable

Coverity SAST is highly accurate, supports thousands of developers, and quickly analyzes large projects exceeding 100 million lines of code. By offering integrations with key development tools and CI/CD systems, Coverity enables AppSec testing at DevOps speed and has helped thousands of organizations get to market faster with reduced cost and risk.

We’re a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in application security testing—again.

Find out why

SAST static analysis

Secure code is synonymous with quality code

Building on patented techniques, Coverity provides deep, full path coverage accuracy and uses interprocedural analysis to find software flaws and security vulnerabilities that other solutions can’t.

Fix faster and with confidence; realize enhanced productivity and reduced development costs.


Seamlessly integrate static analysis into the SDLC

  • Tailor the depth and speed of your static analysis based on your changing needs.
  • Integrate Coverity into your build system to provide a high-fidelity representation of your source code.
  • Automatically assign security weaknesses and quality defects to the developers responsible.
  • Get integrations and plugins for popular development tools, environments, and CI/CD build workflows.

Integrate SAST Into DevSecOps With Coverity

Enable developers to learn as they code

Coverity Connect integrates with our eLearning platform to suggest relevant application security lessons based on CWEs detected by Coverity. Our eLearning courses on secure coding practices cover topics such as authentication, risk analysis, security standards, and more.

static analysis elearning

Get comprehensive visibility into compliance across teams and projects

Easily monitor and report on code quality and security status, risks, trends, and regulatory compliance for security and vertical market requirements. Manage, track, and prioritize your security testing and remediation activities, and tightly control your entire software development portfolio. Get static analysis results quickly by simply pointing to source files, without having to do a build first.

Implement large enterprise-scale deployments with ease

Coverity SAST scales with the growing demands of your business. It can accommodate thousands of developers in geographically distributed environments and quickly analyze large projects exceeding 100 million lines of code.



Comprehensive support for these programming languages and frameworks

Coverity provides comprehensive coverage of popular languages and frameworks, ensuring you find security weaknesses and quality defects that matter most to you.

SAST Coverity support languages

Coverity in action

Discover how our customers reduce risk, ensure application resiliency, and rapidly deliver new functionality to market with our SAST solutions.

Success Story


Bolsters its reputation with secure software

Success Story

Eagle Investment Systems

Ensures software quality and security

Success Story

Direct Edge

Accelerates time to market

See how Synopsys delivers the power to address security early in the SDLC


Detect security weaknesses and quality defects as you code.

  • Seamlessly integrate static analysis (SAST) into development workflows to boost developer productivity.
  • Eliminate hundred-page bug reports, triaging, and costly delays.
  • Low false-positive rates and actionable results help developers efficiently debug their code.

Discover SecureAssist, a lightweight preventative SAST tool

Static Analysis early in the SDLC

Need to scale with quality but not the cost? 

managed static application security testing (SAST)

Managed SAST, our cloud-based managed service, enables you to implement and scale static analysis quickly and economically. By offering this service through our Customer Assessment Centers, we can provide a level of quality that is typically associated with consultancies, but at a much lower cost.

Get all the resources you need to scale

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