Static Application Security Testing (SAST) 

Quickly scan source code to find vulnerabilities

Better software, faster

Find and eliminate common software security vulnerabilities within your source code at any depth and any stage of your SDLC with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solutions.

Three market-leading static analysis solutions

Accelerate time to market and reduce cost and risk with one or more of the following SAST options.

Enterprise-scale speed, accuracy and agility

Coverity provides deep full-path coverage accuracy and can support thousands of developers and quickly analyze large projects exceeding 100M lines of code. By offering integrations to key development tools and CI/CD systems, Coverity enables AppSec testing at DevOps speed, and has helped thousands of organizations get to market faster with reduced cost and risk.

zoom in on security vulnerabilities with static analysis
zoom in on security vulnerabilities with static analysis

Zoom in on defects in your IDE and learn how to code securely

SecureAssist automatically detects and highlights security vulnerabilities as you code, early in the SDLC. It provides the in-depth remediation guidance and training you need so you can quickly fix issues before you check in your code. So easy to use, it helps you become more productive, so you can get your software releases out sooner.

Scan your code while you code

Scale with quality—but not the cost

Our SAST cloud-based managed service enables you to quickly implement and scale static analysis in a cost-effective manner. We offer this service through our global Assessment Centers to provide a level of quality that is typically associated with consultancies, but at a much lower cost.

See our SAST solutions in action

Find out how companies have used Coverity and SecureAssist to reduce risk, ensure application resiliency, and rapidly deliver new functionality to market.


SecureAssist at work

Watch a 2-minute overview of how SecureAssist works.

Addressing security early on saves you in the end

Addressing security early on saves you in the end

By addressing security earlier in your development cycle you eliminate any need for hundred-page bug reports, triaging, and costly delays. That translates to an increase in productivity, lowers costs, and faster time to market. Ready to start?