Secure Open Source as You Work

You rely on open source to build and deploy applications quickly and cost-effectively. And you need AppSec solutions that allow you to build fast while staying secure.

Black Duck automates open source security and license compliance during application development.

The Code Sight SCA plugin works within the developer’s IDE context, analyzing dependencies and flagging components with security issues right in the IDE.

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  • Detect. Inventory and track all open source in your applications and containers.
  • Protect. Identify and remediate known open source vulnerabilities and license compliance issues.
  • Integrate. Find and fix issues where you work—from IDEs to issue trackers.
  • Examine. Access detailed, proprietary security risk insight from the Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC).
  • Monitor. Actively monitor and fix new vulnerabilities in deployed software.
See how Code Sight SCA can help.

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