Software Composition Analysis

Manage risk in complex supply chains

Protecode is an automated software composition analysis tool that enables organizations to audit open source software compliance, vulnerabilities in third-party code, and achieve governance over open source.

What’s hiding in your open source code within your applications?

Third-party code may save time and money, but it can also harbor some dangers if not addressed. These include:

  • Security vulnerabilities (e.g., CVEs identified in the National Vulnerability Database)
  • Common software weaknesses (e.g., Sans Top 25 or OWASP Top 10)
  • Risks related to license violations and IP ownership
What's hiding in your open source applications

Master your cyber supply chain

Gain visibility into the composition of purchased software, make better buying decisions, and manage the ongoing risk of operating complex systems and software.

Monitor the changing code libraries

Protecode generates a Bill of Materials (BoM) from source code analysis, binary analysis, or both. It then finds all known vulnerabilities corresponding to the third-party components in the BoM.

We’ll never leave you feeling lost at sea

We’ll never leave you feeling lost at sea

Our software composition analysis tool enables your security team to quickly identify which applications are affected so you can be assured your software supply chain is secure and legal.