How to Leverage ASOC to Manage Software Risk

An Application Security Orchestration and Correlation Handbook 

The growing adoption of security automation led Gartner to define a new category of solutions that help organizations run the right security test at the right time and to manage the results of those tests. This new category is called application security orchestration and correlation (ASOC).

ASOC solutions help organizations understand and prioritize their software risk. They save time and effort by:

  • Selecting, configuring, and scheduling security tests
  • Aggregating, normalizing, correlating, and prioritizing test findings from multiple and disparate tools
  • Recommending remediation steps based on the criticality of a project and its development pipeline

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This e-book examines the growing prevalence of ASOC solutions and its drivers. It illustrates how ASOC works and the benefits it provides—and why those benefits are becoming more vital to security, development, and operations teams.

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