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BSIMM12 Digest: The CISO’s Guide to Next-Gen AppSec

As the rate of software development accelerates, organizations are forced to adopt new practices and undergo cultural shifts. But with change comes challenges. Many organizations have struggled to adapt and improve their application security (AppSec) to keep pace with development cycles. Even after shifting left and investing in tooling integrations, many continue to push vulnerable code into production. Getting the right mix of tools, people, and processes is a constant challenge. Having too few tools leaves gaps in the security posture, while having too many tools leads to friction and tool fatigue for developers.

How can security leaders know how much is too much when it comes to their AppSec tool stack? How little is too little?

These are the questions that the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) was created to answer. Regardless of size, maturity level, or industry, security leaders can leverage BSIMM as a roadmap to help develop, improve, and mature their AppSec programs.

Download the BSIMM12 Digest for an actionable introduction to this year’s BSIMM report. It offers a succinct guide to the latest activities, trends, practices, and industry comparisons. It’s a must-read for every security executive and AppSec practitioner.

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