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Medical Device Security: An Industry Under Attack and Unprepared to Defend

This study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, a leading IT security research organization, was designed to understand the risks to clinicians and patients due to a lack of medical device security.

Focused on the North America market, the research surveyed approximately 550 individuals from manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) whose roles involve the medical devices security, including implantable devices, radiation equipment, diagnostic and monitoring equipment, robots, and networking equipment designed specifically for medical devices and mobile medical apps. The survey aimed to determine whether both groups are in alignment about the need to address cybersecurity risks to medical organizations.

Research findings include:

  • Sixty-seven percent of medical device manufacturers and 56 percent of HDOs believe an attack on a medical device built or in use by their organizations is likely to occur over the next 12 months.
  • One third of device makers and HDOs are aware of adverse effects to patients due to an insecure medical device.
  • Seventeen percent of device makers and 15 percent of HDOs are taking significant steps to prevent attacks.

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