Static Code Analysis


Address Security at the Source

Static code analysis finds defects and security vulnerabilities in source code without executing the code. Also known as Static Application Security Testing (SAST), it is used to improve software quality and security with automation in IoT, Automotive, Medical, Enterprise, Cloud, Mobile, Social, Shared Economy, Analytics, and mission critical software development lifecycle.

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Coverity from Synopsys is a market-leading static analysis tool that is used by over a million developers, QA engineers, and security professionals and has analyzed over 10 billion lines of proprietary and open source code. All of the Top 10 Forbes Global 2,000 Largest Software Companies and all of the Top 20 PWC Global 100 Software Leaders by Revenue are Coverity customers.

Static Analysis Tool IDE & Compilers

Detect and Remediate While You Code

With support of over 100 compilers and many popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE), plus detailed remediation advice, developers can use Coverity in their desktop environment to quickly detect and fix defects before checking in the code.

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Our free Coverity Scan is used by more than 8,300 open source projects, a list that includes Linux, LibreOffice, NetBSD, and Apache Hadoop. Find and fix defects in your Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, and more. Over 15,000 developers already use Coverity Scan, why not you? Start today!

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Synopsys is setting the standard with static code analysis. See what Coverity can do for your organization.