Interactive Application Security Testing


Secure Web Applications

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) is the emerging technology which transforms the way application security testing is done. The technology is known for its high level of accuracy in finding security vulnerabilities in web applications and adopted by security experts, developers, DevOps, and QA engineers.

Run Agile Security

Seeker from Synopsys is a completely automated Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution that fits smoothly into your existing SDLC and agile methodology. It enables companies to reduce the risk of application layer attacks by finding real security vulnerabilities in web applications and web services that pose real threat to critical data. It provides everything developers need in order to fix the problem.

IAST - Eliminate False Positives

Eliminate False Positives

Seeker’s unique technology guarantees zero false positives – it generates malicious traffic and observes from within how the application responds to it. As a result, Seeker verifies each finding and completely eliminates false positives.

Automate Application Security Testing

Automate Security Testing

Seeker doesn’t require any human interaction due to its unmatched accuracy. As a result, Application Security Testing can be completely automated and an integral part of the SDLC, which is especially important for companies who practice agile development.

IAST - Protect Sensitive Data

Protect Sensitive Data

Seeker is a data-centric solution that continuously tracks the flow of data across all application tiers and components. It identifies whether the data is mishandled or insecurely stored, and exposes potential data leaks.

IAST - Remediation Advice

Empower Developers

Seeker provides the developer with everything they need in order to fix vulnerabilities quickly and accurately - information such as remediation advice, the vulnerable lines of code, and even a video clip of the application and how to exploit it.

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Synopsys is setting the standard with interactive application security testing. See what Seeker can do for your organization.