Intelligent Fuzz Testing


Limit Your Attack Surface

Fuzz testing is an automated runtime method used to explore the attack surface of software. It involves inputting massive amounts of malformed data -- known as “fuzz" -- into software, operating systems, or networks to see when and how they crash.  Fuzz testing finds stuff that other tools – even human auditors – miss, those semi-invalid cases where malformed input triggers a crash.

Find Misuse Cases Fast

Defensics is an intelligent fuzz testing tool from Synopsys that relentlessly bombards a system with malformed inputs to uncover misuse cases that trigger dangerous unknown vulnerabilities. Now you don't have to shoot the moon or spend infinite time looking for infinite problems, as our automated test suites help set parameters on what matters most to your organization.

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Synopsys is setting the standard with fuzz testing. See what Defensics can do for your organization.