Automated Test Optimization

Test Advisor

Prioritize Tests

Automated testing can be effective but also inefficient. Without proper insight into the code, coverage is just an arbitrary number that wastes time and increases risk. What if you could write and run only the tests that matter for secure software development?

Go To Market Faster

Test Advisor is a solution from Synopsys that enables developers to test smarter and faster, based on risk and change, as code is written. It uses sophisticated analysis of code and test artifacts to accelerate time to market, with no new risk, by writing and running only the tests that matter.

Accelerate Testing Time - Test Optimization

Cut to the Chase

Accelerate testing time with insight into what needs attention and what can be ignored. Test Advisor provides a list of recommended tests based on changes in the source code since the last analysis was run, and identifies which tests to run first.

Dig Deeper

Understand the full scope and impact of a code change. Test Advisor provides sophisticated source code analysis, for a deep understanding of behavior, criticality and change impact.

Code Intelligence - Test Optimization

Test Intelligently

Effective testing requires code intelligence, and Test Advisor defines meaningful test policies, automatically analyzing, and accurately identifying critical areas of the code often not covered by an automated test.

Software Development Life Cycle - Automated Test Optimization

Integrate into SDLC

Test Advisor works with developers and testers by integrating seamlessly into their existing build and test processes. It doesn't require any code changes nor test re-write to provide meaningful results that shrink your test cycles.

Take Action

Synopsys is setting the standard with test optimization. See what Test Advisor can do for your organization.