Intelligent Orchestration

Now it's possible to integrate application security testing tools into DevOps pipelines without the traditional friction that slows development velocity. Synopsys Intelligent Orchestration uses a purpose-built, cloud-based CI/CD pipeline that automatically performs the right security tests at the right time based on software development life cycle (SDLC) events and defined policies. Risk-based vulnerability reporting helps teams focus on the highest-priority issues. 

Intelligent Orchestration delivers benefits to all the key personas responsible for DevOps delivery and performance

DevOps engineers persona - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

DevOps engineers

Intelligent Orchestration reduces the risk of adding application security testing into DevOps processes by providing a purpose-built security analysis pipeline that's easy to integrate with the existing toolchain. It also eliminates friction by isolating analysis from other development flows, ensuring pipeline velocity.

Developers persona - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys


Intelligent Orchestration streamlines vulnerability remediation by standardizing, filtering, and prioritizing security analysis findings and delivering them directly in existing development and bug-tracking tools. That makes it faster and less complicated for developers to address security defects without disrupting normal workflows.

AppSec managers persona - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

AppSec managers

Intelligent Orchestration facilitates risk-policy compliance and governance by automating the enforcement of in-band and out-of-band quality and security policies, minimizing delays due to manual policy reviews.

Everything needed to orchestrate application security testing in DevOps environments


Dynamic security pipeline - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Dynamic security pipeline

Isolate security testing from the developer toolchain with a dedicated CI pipeline that integrates easily with your development pipelines, so appropriate security analysis is triggered based on SDLC events.

Policies as code - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Policies as code

Automate enforcement of security and risk policies within the intelligent pipeline by defining the rules for policy evaluation, response, and notification as code.

Application risk insights - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Application risk insights

Get standardized reports of findings across all AppSec tools, with results that are automatically filtered based on risk, delivered directly within the development and defect-tracking tools your development teams already use.

Automated security workflow - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Automated security workflow

Automate the initiation and management of out-of-band AppSec activities through the defect-tracking systems and communication channels your development and security teams use today.

Extensible integrations - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Extensible integrations

Integrate security analysis and results seamlessly into your existing development tools and platforms.

AppSec analytics - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

AppSec analytics

Access metrics that can help you understand the effectiveness of your DevSecOps implementation.


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