The Polaris Software Integrity Platform™ brings the power of Synopsys Software Integrity products and services together into an integrated, easy-to-use solution that enables security and development teams to build secure, high-quality software faster.

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Integrate application security across the SDLC

Application security shouldn’t reduce development velocity. Polaris lets you integrate and automate static, dynamic, and software composition analysis with the tools your developers already use. And it gives your security teams a holistic view of application security risk across your portfolio and the SDLC.

polaris code sight ide plugin

Find and fix security defects early

The Polaris Code Sight™ IDE plugin integrates application security analysis seamlessly into your IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Visual Studio IDE. Your developers can address security flaws in their code as they write it, without switching tools. Detailed remediation guidance and context-sensitive eLearning enables them to fix problems now and avoid them in the future.

Guide to Application Security: What to Look For and Why

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Get a complete view of application security risks

Polaris combines results from multiple Synopsys analysis engines, including Coverity and Black Duck, into consolidated reports and dashboards. View application security risks holistically, and track remediation progress over time. Integrate this risk data into your existing reporting solutions with rich APIs. 

Polaris consolidated reports and dashboards
Polaris Integrations

Automate security testing with your existing tools

Maintain development velocity with flexible CI/CD integrations. Automate security testing and policy enforcement with Jenkins, Travis, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and other DevOps orchestration tools. Receive unified alerting via email or Slack, as well as Jira integration, that notifies you in real time of vulnerabilities in development and production while supporting workflow automation.

Start now. Scale when you need to.

Get started immediately with Polaris, a cloud-based solution with a user-friendly web interface for managing projects and analyzing results. As your needs change, add other Synopsys analysis engines and scale the platform to cover your entire application portfolio, no matter how large or complex—quickly and reliably.

Cloud-based application security testing

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Application security is a shared responsibility

Polaris brings development, DevOps, and security teams together to build application security into your SDLC.

Find and fix defects as you code

Development Teams

Find and fix security defects as you code without slowing down.

devops toolchain

DevOps Teams

Seamlessly integrate security checks into your DevOps toolchain.

manage application security risks

Security Teams

Manage application security risks holistically across your portfolio.

One platform. Multiple engines.

Polaris ensures consistent results throughout the development process by using the same powerful security analysis engines in both development and build/test environments. Now you can shift security testing left and address vulnerabilities early, when remediation costs are low.

Polaris Software Integrity Platform

Polaris Software Integrity Platform
  • Coverity SAST finds security weaknesses and quality defects in proprietary code.
  • Black Duck SCA inventories open source in your code and alerts you to related vulnerabilities and compliance issues.
  • Seeker IAST detects and verifies vulnerabilities and data leakage risks in web applications.
  • Managed Services extends your testing capabilities with on-demand security testing performed by experts.

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