Managed Mobile Application Security Testing

On-demand security testing, optimized for the unique risks of mobile applications

Mobile application development is easier than ever before, but with the ever-changing landscape of mobile devices, operating systems, and frameworks, mobile application security testing (MAST) is increasingly difficult.

Synopsys Managed Services gives you on-demand expert testing of your mobile apps, helping ensure they don’t become the weak link in your or your users’ security defenses.

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on demand mobile app analysis

On-demand expert mobile analysis

Many teams developing mobile apps lack the skills or resources needed to effectively test for vulnerabilities across all device platforms and configurations. Our teams of security testing experts handle that complexity for you so you can focus on innovation. The Synopsys Managed Services Portal makes it easy to configure and schedule your tests and review your results.

Choose test depth based on your application risk profile

To help you discover vulnerabilities accurately and efficiently, our security experts have built a customized mobile application security testing suite that combines proprietary static analysis and dynamic analysis tools.

We provide multiple depths of mobile application security testing so you can tune the level of testing to your application risk profile.


Analyzes the client-side mobile application using a combination of proprietary static analysis and dynamic analysis tools.


Analyzes both the client- and server-side of the mobile application using a combination of proprietary static analysis and dynamic analysis tools.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility. Prioritize, schedule, and modify tests easily via the web-based portal.
  • Coverage. Test client and server functionality with mobile-specific expertise.
  • Consistency. Get thorough analysis for any application—every release, every time.
  • Scalability. Quickly ramp up your testing initiatives without slowing down development.
  • Enablement. Get expert guidance to help you find and fix vulnerabilities in your apps fast.
Benefits of Managed MAST

Other on-demand expertise to help you manage your risk

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