Managed Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Expert security testing for any application, delivered on demand

Dynamic analysis is a key part of many application security testing and compliance programs. But what if your team lacks the resources or skills to do it effectively across your full portfolio? With Synopsys Managed DAST, you can analyze any web application any time without the cost or complexity of in-house DAST.

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on demand dynamic analysis services DAST

On-demand expert dynamic analysis

Our global Assessment Centers provide you continuous access to teams of DAST experts with the skills and tools to analyze your web applications fast. Simply use the Managed Services Portal to select the test, schedule it, and review your results.

Choose test depth based on your application risk profile

We provide multiple depths of dynamic analysis so you can tune the level of testing to your application risk profile.


High-level security scans using automated tools to identify common vulnerabilities.


In-depth testing combining automated and manual testing, tailored to the application technology and risk profile.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility. Prioritize, schedule, and modify tests easily as business needs change.
  • Coverage. Test applications you might miss owing to resource constraints.
  • Consistency. Get thorough, expert analysis and reporting all the time for any application.
  • Scalability. Quickly ramp up your testing initiative without bumping into resource constraints.
  • Enablement. Get expert review and guidance to help you develop an effective remediation plan.
DAST benefits

Other on-demand expertise to help you manage your risk

We’ve got you covered

We’ll help you find the blind spots in your application security tests to minimize your chances of being targeted. Our experts apply an essential human element to consolidate results, eliminate false positives, and interpret results.

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If it has software, we can test it

From ATMs to automobiles, if it’s got software, it can be hacked. Fortunately, we have Professional Services solutions to help you improve your software security: