Managed Dynamic Application Security Testing

Expert dynamic application security testing (DAST), delivered on demand

Reduce your risk of a breach by identifying security vulnerabilities while web applications are running with on-demand DAST expertise.

dynamic analysis services DAST

On-demand expert dynamic analysis

Managed DAST is supported by a team of security experts who continually refine their testing methodologies as the vulnerability landscape changes.

Choose from 2 depths of Managed DAST

We offer two depths of dynamic analysis so you can tune the level of testing to the risk profile of each tested application.


Uses automated tools to identify common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, and the rest of the OWASP Top 10, CWE/SANS Top 25, CVSS v3, and more.


Essential Service plus 20 Synopsys-created manual test cases to find vulnerabilities that can’t be found by out-of-the-box tools (e.g., TLS communication, information leakage). Includes a manual review to identify false positives and a read-out call to explain findings.

Key benefits of managed DAST

  • Flexibility. Schedule tests, set the desired depth of testing, and make modifications as business requirements change and threats evolve.
  • Coverage. Test applications you might miss owing to resource constraints.
  • Consistency. Get the same high-quality DAST results all the time for any application.
  • Enablement. We walk you through your test results and help you develop a remediation plan best suited to your needs.
  • Scalability. We provide scalable DAST delivery through our Assessment Centers without compromising manual reviews.
  • Comprehensiveness. Our blended manual and tool-based assessment approach includes a thorough analysis of results, detailed reporting, and actionable remediation guidance.
benefits of dynamic analysis - DAST

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