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To keep up with the pace and complexity of your software development, application security testing should be integrated into your CI/CD pipelines. But automating full scans with every build can clog pipelines and overwhelm developers with findings.

Synopsys Intelligent Orchestration makes it easy to build security into DevOps pipelines without compromising development velocity. It runs only the tests you need, when you need them, and filters the results based on risk, so developers can focus on what matters most.

Isolate security testing from your build and release pipelines

Adding security checks directly into your build and release pipelines can be complicated and time-consuming. With Intelligent Orchestration you don’t have to. It isolates security tests into a dedicated pipeline that integrates easily into your existing pipelines with a couple of API calls, and then runs in parallel. Extensible integrations make it easy to connect Synopsys and third-party Application Security Testing (AST) tools into the security pipeline—whether they run on premises or in the cloud.

Optimize security testing based on policy, code changes, and risk

The key to DevSecOps velocity is efficiency. Not every code change requires a full security analysis. With Intelligent Orchestration you can set policies as code that define the rules for which tests to run when.

As code updates run through your pipeline, Intelligent Orchestration evaluates the changes along with other factors, such as the risk profiles of the data and application, against these policies to determine which combination of static application security testing (SAST), software composition analysis (SCA), interactive application security testing (IAST), or other tests to run.

Focus remediation efforts on what matters most

Teams often struggle with the volume and variability of findings spread across the various AST tools they use. Intelligent Orchestration alleviates this problem by optimizing and standardizing the results across all your AppSec tools.

Developers get filtered and prioritized application risk insights delivered directly within the development and defect-tracking tools they already use. This helps avoid “vulnerability overload” and enables teams to achieve the maximum impact at minimum cost.

Automate workflows for manual or out-of-band AppSec activities

Intelligent Orchestration policies can also initiate manual AppSec activities, such as code reviews and penetration tests, through your existing defect-tracking systems and communication channels.

This enables security and development teams to implement coordinated DevSecOps workflows that align security compliance objectives with application development and release milestones.

Enable teams to build security into DevOps


Developers persona - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Spend less time chasing down low-priority defects. Focus on fixing the ones that present the highest risk.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers persona - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Easily add security checks into existing DevOps workflows without breaking them or slowing them down.

AppSec Teams

AppSec managers persona - Intelligent Orchestration | Synopsys

Ensure compliance with risk policies and integrate manual and out-of-band security activities with DevOps workflows.

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