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Synopsys' DesignWare® ARC® MQX RTOS software has helped leading companies bring embedded products to market for over 20 years. The DesignWare ARC MQX RTOS solution offers a highly optimized application development platform designed for speed and size efficiency, with optimized support for all DesignWare ARC processors. A wide range of 3rd Party middleware is available from members of the ARC Access for TCP/IP stacks, file systems, and Bluetooth protocols.

The ARC MQX RTOS solution includes full source code and offers many comprehensive features that support reliability, deterministic performance, reconfiguration, and multiprocessing. The scalable design allows MQX users to pick the components and features they require from MQX and prevents unused features from being included in the RTOS memory footprint. With code size as low as 3.5KB, the MQX RTOS solution is small enough to replace a home-grown scheduler while still providing a much more comprehensive feature set.

Size-critical applications can use the MetaWare Automatic Overlay Manager (AOM), even in a multi-tasking environment, since MQX has specific support for AOM built-in.

With MQX's function-level scalability, all API functions outside of the central core are only included in the linked image if they are explicitly called by the application. This, along with dozens of compile-time configuration options (also grouped into sets), gives the application developer maximum control over the memory footprint of MQX.

Use the MQX RTOS Instead of a Scheduler
MQX RTOS is small enough to replace a home-grown scheduler, while still providing a much more comprehensive feature set.

Architecture Minimum code size* Context switch time
ARC HS 3.4 KB 105 cycles
ARC EM4 3.5 KB 80 cycles
ARC 600 Family 3.9 KB 115 cycles
ARC 700 Family 4.1 KB 176 cycles

*Includes interrupt handler, scheduler, memory manager, micro-kernel, task management, time management, processor and board support package.

MQX RTOS Processor and Board Support

The ARC MQX RTOS is available for the full range of DesignWare ARC 600, ARC 700, ARC EM, and ARC HS processors. End-users can easily configure the MQX RTOS to support any configuration.

Board Support Packages (BSPs) are available for the ARC EM Starter Kit, ML509 FPGA development system and the HAPS Prototyping System. MQX also runs on the ARC nSIM Instruction Set Simulator. Users can easily modify MQX RTOS BSPs to support changes in the user's DesignWare ARC-based SoC configuration.

MQX Host Tools for Windows
The MQX RTOS also comes with the MQX Host Tools. This set of advanced embedded development tools includes:

  • MQX Task Aware Debugging (TAD) for MetaWare - Integrated into the MetaWare Debugger, TAD provides intimate details of the embedded system, giving visibility into MQX's data structures via easy-to-understand displays. You can view task summaries, the state of individual tasks, and details on queues, messages, semaphores, memory and memory partitions; full access to all MQX data through easy-to-understand displays!
  • Performance Tool - analyzes application execution and performance from the perspective of the RTOS (and the MQX RTOS Internet stack, if present), generating detailed actionable performance information from kernel logs, with full visibility into state transitions, events, mutexes, messages, semaphores, clock, scheduler, task creation/destruction, interrupts.
  • Design Tool - GUI-based source-generation tool for rapid prototyping to quickly create MQX.

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DesignWare ARC MQX RTOS Datasheet

  • Highly optimized for ARC subsystems and configurable ARC cores
  • Compact (3.5 KB), configurable and scalable microkernel architecture
  • Reliable operation, fast real-time response for deeply embedded designs
  • Includes full source to enable full user configuration control and optimization
  • Powerful MQX Host Tools included for debugging, performance analysis and prototyping
  • Up and running right out of the box with MetaWare Development Toolkit
  • MetaWare MQX-aware debugging with MetaWare Development Toolkit
  • Proven in thousands of systems over decades of development
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use API and features
  • Configurable-CPU aware: when users add and remove features from their ARC hardware configuration, the RTOS capabilities must be adjusted as well. MQX includes support for ARC DSP extensions (XY memory, MUL/MAC units, etc) and core extension registers
  • Multiprocessing support: inter-processor communications interface over a highly abstracted physical interface
  • Includes board support packages for use on ARC EM Starter Kit, ML509 FPGA development platform, HAPS Prototyping System and the ARC nSIM Instruction Set Simulator
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