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The Polaris platform is redefining secure development

Charlotte Freeman

Jul 17, 2023 / 2 min read

As organizations increasingly prioritize operational efficiency, the importance of incorporating application security (AppSec) programs into their processes becomes increasingly evident. They must also address the challenges of managing multiple AppSec vendors while reducing costs and optimizing dataflow. Further, they need to consolidate and minimize system upgrade efforts. This combination of pressures is driving organizations to seek out cloud-based solutions to address their security needs.

The crucial question every leader is grappling with now is how to strike the right balance between ensuring application security and maintaining developer productivity. It's essential for AppSec teams to focus on driving their programs forward and adding value without being derailed by the issues that have hindered efforts to shift security left. Actionability is the key to security success, so the choice of vendor is crucial.

Enter the Polaris Software Integrity Platform®, an exceptional holistic application security testing (AST) solution designed specifically for enterprises. The Polaris platform combines the power of best-in-class scanning engines Black Duck® software composition analysis (SCA) and Coverity® static application security testing (SAST) to deliver unparalleled security testing capabilities. By integrating with popular tools like Jira, the Polaris platform ensures a streamlined process from vulnerability identification to remediation, and eliminating the complexities associated with false positives. This enables AppSec teams to collaborate closely with Dev teams, fostering an environment in which security and development work harmoniously together.

The Polaris platform

The Polaris platform is superior to other platforms in several respects, including its speed, the breadth and depth of its testing tools, and its ability to integrate with your current development processes. It helps establish scalability, cost efficiency, and rapid deployment across the entire software development life cycle (SDLC), bringing simplicity, scalability, and velocity to the development process—without slowing down the teams involved.

Polaris fAST Static and Polaris fAST SCA services are built on the same powerful analysis engines at the core of our market-leading products, integrated and delivered from the cloud. The Polaris platform helps your teams identify your AppSec risk posture and delivers remediation recommendations directly into the development environment. And it is designed to work with the tools you already use, so your developers can perform their jobs quickly and with precision and agility, all while protecting the software responsible for running your company.

Enterprise services

The Polaris platform also offers best-in-class support services. Customers get access to onboarding help, skilled service support with 24/7 continuous monitoring, and optional SAST triage.

Skilled services and support, 24x7

Continuous monitoring and prompt support are critical for maintaining smooth AST processes. Synopsys teams closely monitor scan execution, ensuring that any failed or misconfigured scans do not disrupt pipelines or developer workflows. In addition, organizations have access to skilled security expertise around the clock, ensuring that any technical issues are addressed quickly so that development processes stay on track.

Expert triage

Our SAST triage service allows organizations to tap into the expertise of Synopsys AppSec experts who can review static analysis results, remove false positives, and assist with vulnerability prioritization. This helps developers focus their remediation efforts on the highest-priority vulnerabilities, optimizing their resources and ensuring that the most critical security risks are addressed effectively. On-demand communication with Synopsys experts further enhances collaboration, allowing teams to resolve failed scans or any other technical issues promptly.


The Polaris Software integrity Platform is designed to address your organization’s pressing application security concerns. By integrating with popular tools and providing expert services and support, the Polaris platform enables the seamless alignment of development and security, fostering a collaborative and efficient approach to AST. With the Polaris platform, you can maximize your development processes while ensuring unparalleled scalability, cost efficiency, and rapid deployment across the entire SDLC.

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