Synopsys China Employment Benefits

China Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits and Internships

Synopsys China provides its employees with a number of benefits programs including the following:


  • Social securities upon the regulations of local authorities, which include a social pension fund, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, and contributions to public housing funds as regulated by the government
  • Supplementary benefits package to all employees, including Life & Accident, Medical, and Global Business Travel Insurances
  • Cash, or equivalent gift, for marriage
  • Paid holidays and vacations
  • Management and Specialized technical training
  • Career development opportunities

Talent Incubation Program and Internships

Synopsys China has R&D centers in Shanghai and Beijing with 500 engineers who are working on EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools development, product validation, software engineering, and more. China R&D teams are involved in the development of tools for Design Simulation and Verification, as well as Physical Implementation and Extraction. Some of the products our team helps to create include VCS, HSpice, CustomSim, Device Modeling, Custom Design Environment, IC Compiler, Design Compiler, Prime Time, Star-RC, ICV/ Hercules, and DFY. Our new Wuhan site, established in 2013, is focused on IP development and verification, and the team is constantly expanding as more opportunities for innovation are available.

Each year, we open internship positions for qualified candidates who major in Computer Science (CS) or Electrical Engineering (EE). Throughout employment, Synopsys provides the necessary training to develop employees’ technical and interpersonal skills. The Synopsys China R&D Center offers two programs to college students:

  • Internship Program – Students in Master/PhD Programs are encouraged to apply for an internship that allows them to work with Synopsys engineers on EDA/IP related topics for at least 2-3 months
  • Talent Incubation Program – This program is designed to recruit qualified, recent graduates with a BS degree for regular positions at Synopsys. After the graduates join the company, they complete a three year development program.