VDK for NXP S32V200 MCU Family


The VDK for NXP S32V200 is a software development kit using a virtual prototype of the NXP S32V234 microcontroller (MCU) as an embedded target. It focuses on the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The VDK supports a broad range of use cases including algorithm and software development, system integration and functional safety testing. The VDK can also be used in conjunction with other VDKs such as the VDK for NXP MPC5xxx to simulate a network of ECUs. By using a VDK, development teams are able to start development earlier, accelerate debug and analysis and perform more and better testing, resulting in higher system software quality, improved product reliability and reduce development costs.

Broad Use Case Support

Using the VDK for NXP S32V200, developers can support a broad range of design tasks including:

  • ADAS software and algorithm development
  • System integration and test
  • Functional safety testing
  • Regression testing
  • Vehicle Electrical and Electronic (E/E) architecture and testing

Fast Reference Virtual Prototypes, Tools and Integration

The S32V234 MCU virtual prototype has been developed and tested in the context of the joint center of excellence collaboration between NXP and Synopsys. The VDK for NXP S32V200 integrates the following elements:

  • The fast virtual prototype for the S32V234 MCU includes the core processing platform based on 2x2 ARM Cortex-A53 processor cores (in two clusters) and the image cognition processor based on 2xAPEX2-CL Dual 32-bit array processor from CogniVue
  • VDK Explorer for system debug, analysis and scripting
  • Integration with automotive development tools, including 3rd party software debuggers such as ARM DS-5 Development Studio and Lauterbach TRACE 32 and simulation tools such as Synopsys SABER, Vector CANoe or Mathworks Simulink


  • Broad use case support including software development, system integration and testing with virtual ECU environment, and fault/coverage testing
  • Out-of-the-box experience with S32V234 MCU virtual prototype
  • Simple one-stop shop access to development tools and virtual prototypes
  • Start development early, front load test development and execution
  • Higher development productivity, identify and resolve software issues in days rather than weeks
  • Easy to deploy to worldwide development teams and in regression
  • Customizable to your specific needs, easy to configure and maintain over long lifecycle projects