Simulation of Complete Solar PV Systems

Optimizing PV System Design Performance and Reliability 

Saber and TCAD Sentaurus now provide a path from raw cell technology to an optimized solar power system in a fraction of the traditional time and cost. These industry proven tools deliver the simulation capabilities required for virtual prototyping and validation of complex solar cell structures and power electronic systems.

PV System Design Challenges

  • Minimizing interconnect losses
  • Evaluating and minimizing the effects of environmental variation
    • Light intensity and incidence angle
    • Temperature variation
    • Electrical environment
  • Optimizing power conversion

Design Goals

  • Optimize for design performance and target reliability
  • Reduce the effects of variation on system performance
  • Lower production costs

Benefits of Saber Simulation

  • Development of application-optimized solar arrays and complete systems
  • System level virtual prototyping for test & validation before anything physical is built


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