Saber for Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronic Design and Simulation

Vehicles, aircraft, power systems, and virtually all design systems depend on the integration of electrical, mechanical, and software technologies to control or replace mechanical operations. Mechatronics is the combination of these engineering disciplines to create simpler, more efficient and reliable systems.

Mechatronic Design and Simulation

Characteristics of Mechatronic Systems

  • High degree of integration of electrical, mechanical and information-processing components
  • Interlaced products with embedded software, sensors and both electrical and mechanical controls
  • Overall system optimization is critical across a broad range of parameters

Although mechatronic systems bring about dramatic improvement in system performance and reliability, the challenges of combining several technologies into one system is daunting. Control variability improves but so does the amount of parameters to make a system function. To make sense of these system complexities, designers turn to virtual prototyping tools to design, simulate, analyze, and verify system interactions across all disciplines.

Saber's design, modeling and powerful simulation tools provide designers the ability to simulate, analyze and verify interactions between multiple physical domains (electrical, magnetic, mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, etc.). With its advanced analysis and modeling capabilities designers can perform optimization, Robust Design, and analyze failure effects on virtual prototypes of any system. Production proven with hundreds of successful designs in multiple industries, Saber continues to be the preferred solution for minimizing costs, reducing design iterations and increasing reliability.

Saber Advantages

  • Efficient implementation of all Robust Design analyses through a single simulation environment
  • Quickly create a virtual system design supported by more than 30,000 behavioral and characterized models
  • Perform extremely compute intensive statistical analyses with grid computing
  • Create models quickly and accurately with model characterization tools
  • Increase design portability through model language standards VHDL-AMS & MAST
  • Protect intellectual property with model encryption

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