SaberEXP is a piecewise linear (PWL) circuit simulator that enables design teams to start early and validate their power supply/converter and motor drive designs prior to physical implementation with its fastest simulation convergence. It provides a scalable simulation solution for accelerating power electronics designs with its seamless export flow into SaberRD for high fidelity large system design leading to lower development costs.


  • Simple and more robust to use than SPICE-like tools
  • High-speed PWL solver with an event queue for event-driven and digital signals
  • Automatic time-step calculation based on the internal circuit time constants
  • Faster results for the stiff power electronic circuits in both time and frequency domains without integration error
  • Fast and accurate Periodic AC analysis to verify the stability of Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) without tedious average model derivations
  • Parametric and statistical design capabilities for optimizing and verifying system robustness
  • Suite of measurement and waveform calculation tools for analyzing results
  • A single standard simulation environment with seamless export flow into SaberRD for high fidelity large system design
  • Minimizes costly physical hardware testing, saves project resources and accelerates time-to-market

A Comprehensive Solution for Power Electronics Systems

With increased focus on electrification and rapid growth of the power electronics market, design teams need a robust and efficient simulation and modeling solution to predict hardware failures during early design phases. Simulation helps to reduce iterations of hardware prototypes and time-to-market that results in reduced development costs. Depending on the application, the simulation and modeling requirements vary a lot between different stages of product development, but there is no single simulation environment that satisfies all simulation and modeling requirements. Synopsys provides you a comprehensive solution to address this challenge with SaberEXP and SaberRD.