Saber for Design Entry

Saber Accelerates Robust Design

Highly successful product design requires exceptional quality, reliability, and performance. The design process must be effective to ensure these qualities, and efficient to reduce the design cycle and costs. Getting to market early, and avoiding product defects later are critical factors for maximizing revenue over the product life cycle.

Engineering teams achieve these goals by applying systematic modeling, design, simulation, and analysis methods made possible by an integrated flow of proven tools and capabilities.

Applying system simulation requires the design to be effectively captured in a manner that can be understood by the design team and the simulator alike

Saber Sketch provides the efficiency of a rich symbol library and lookup utility with advanced schematic design. This makes searching and placing symbols and models an easy task.

Saber Advantages

  • Increase design portability through model language standards VHDL-AMS & MAST
  • Protect intellectual property with model encryption
  • Apply full system simulation with mixed-signal, multi-level, and multi-domain model support
  • Save time and ensure accuracy by accessing over 30,000 characterized models
  • Create new models quickly and accurately with model characterization tools and utilities
  • Advance a Robust Design methodology with advanced analysis capabilities
  • Perform extremely compute intensive statistical analysis faster with grid computing